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Before starting work, make sure you have the right tools in stock. It is no different in case of detailing! Accessories such as microfibres, towels and brushes are a must for the detailer. These products are versatile and necessary at every stage – during preparation, application and maintenance!

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QJUTSU Ultrasoft Sponge
specialised sponge
Price €9.99
Digloss Kamitore Sponge
profiled sponge for rims cleaning
Price €8.49
  • On sale!
  • -€4.99
  • Pack
Rain Drop + Super Cloth Microfiber
Price Regular price €19.98 €14.99
Fukupika Dashboard Cleaning Wipes
interior cleaning wipes, 7 pcs.
Price Regular price €6.99 €5.94
White QJUTSU Turtleneck Sweatshirt
Price €54.13
Black QJUTSU Turtleneck Sweatshirt
Price €59.94
Fukupika Wheel Cleaning Wipes
wipes for rims, 10pcs.
Price Regular price €5.99 €5.09
Mouton Master
soft washing glove
Price €32.99
Fukupika Glass Cleaning Wipes (Anti-Fog)
anti-fog wipes, 10 pcs.
Price Regular price €4.99 €4.24
Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes
wipes for leather, 7pcs.
Price €6.99
Red Soft99 Hoodie
Price €65.01
Emblem Remover Kit
complex emblem removal set
Price €11.99