• Product reference 00492

Fukupika Engine Room Wipes
wipes for engine compartment, 10 pcs.


Available in small quantities

Easy-to-use Fukupika wipes!

Engine Room Wipe is another revolutionary product from the Fukupika line. Easy-to-use wipes (10 pcs) allow for non-invasive cleaning of the engine and engine compartment's elements. Effective absorbtion of oil leftovers, getting rid of oily dirt, bringing back the engine compartment's plastics their shine are some of the examples of the properties of the ERW. Furthermore, the product contains polymers, that clean and protect at the same time. Engine Room Wipes are soaked with surfactants, alcohol and Soft99's well-known quick detailer Fukupika. The products cleans and protects at the same time, making the engine stay clean for a longer time.


Product reference 00492

How to apply

1Take out a wipe from the package.
2Rather than rubbing with force, we advice to wipe softly. If there is still any unwanted residues remaining, wipe again until a desired effect is reached.
3If the wipe becomes dirty, fold it and use the clean side.

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