• Product reference 10163

Luxury Gloss
quick detailer, 500 ml


Contents: 500 ml

Available in large quantities

Luxury Gloss is a quick detailer that is second to none when it comes to a spectacular finish!

Great at enhancing, maintaining and boosting wax coatings, Luxury Gloss is one of the best-selling Soft99 products in Europe. This pleasant mango-scented quick detailer gives great results on every Soft99 wax coating, offering excellent gloss, colour deepening and fantastic smoothness.


Contains 500 ml
Product reference 10163

How to apply

Make sure the car's paintwork is clean, and that there's no heavy dirt on the car's surface.
1Spray the quick detailer onto the paintwork.
2Wipe the paintwork with a soft microfiber.

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