A properly secured car needs proper care! Every wax, coating or glass coating loses its properties over time and in order to maintain them at the highest level it is worth using dedicated products. Agents in this category are designed for the proper care of existing coatings, so that you can enjoy their effectiveness for a longer time!

Rain Drop
versatile quick detailer, 300 ml
Price €15.99
Fukupika Spray
quick detailer, 400 ml
Price €13.99
Wash Mist
versatile interior cleaner, 300 ml
Price €10.99
Anti-Fog Spray
anti-fog agent, 180 ml
Price €8.99
Wash Mist 4L + Wash Mist 300 ml
versatile interior cleaner
Price €89.99
New Fabric Seat Cleaner
fabric seat cleaning agent, 400 ml
Price €16.99
Leather Seat Cleaner
leather cleaning spray, 300 ml
Price €10.99
Cloth Barrier Fabric Coat
coating for fabric material, 170 ml
Price €17.59
Luxury Gloss
quick detailer, 500 ml
Price €13.99
Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier
quick detailer, 500 ml
Price €19.99
Glaco Deicer
defrosting agent and glass coating, 450 ml
Price €14.99
Glaco De Cleaner
glass cleaner and Glaco booster, 400 ml
Price €9.99