• Product reference 10310

Ultra Glaco
liquid wiper, 70 ml


Durability: 12 months

Applications: x5 windscreens


Available in small quantities

Ultra Glaco – year-round visibility

Among Soft99 liquid wipers, there is none more durable than Ultra Glaco. Ultra Glaco's technologically advanced formula guarantees 12 months of water repellency on car windows, reduced need for windscreen wipers and consistently excellent visibility when driving in difficult conditions. This not only means increased driving comfort, but also increased safety on the road, both for you, your passengers and other road users.

Soft99 Ultra Glaco glass coating being applied to windscreen of a car.

Fusso Technology on your windows

Ultra Glaco owes its unrivalled durability of up to 12 months, as well as its ability to withstand harsh conditions and strong cleaning agents, to its unique Fusso Technology based on fluoropolymers. The same ones that have given our most popular car wax, Fusso Coat 12 Months, a nearly legendary status. Despite the advanced technology, application of Ultra Glaco is no trouble at all, and you'll do it easily in the garage or during windless weather.

Soft99 Ultra Glaco glass coating. Photo depicts after-application polishing process, with visible white residue on glass being wiped off to create an even, water-repellent surface.

How does Ultra Glaco work?

When driving in the rain, Ultra Glaco will repel water at speeds as low as 45-60 km/h. With the smooth Glaco liquid wiper, you see more, your driving comfort increases and your visibility and safety is enhanced. Ultra Glaco works all year round by reducing dirt adhesion and making day-to-day vehicle maintenance easier – in spring and summer, it makes insect residues easier to remove, and in winter it reduces the build-up of frost and ice.

Soft99 Ultra Glaco glass coating. Photo depicts water being repelled of the surface of the windscreen, showing effectiveness of rain-repelling and vision-enhnacing Glaco glass coating.

Comprehensive liquid wiper application process

Before applying any Glaco coating, take measures to prepare the glass well in order to achieve a best possible bonding of the product to the glass. It is essential to carry out a deep clean using one of the two cleaner-type products – Glaco Glass Compound Roll On or Glass Compound Z. For daily maintenance of glass surfaces, we recommend a glass cleaner with a water repellent additive, Glaco de Cleaner, which will act as a conditioner – cleaning and boosting the rain repellent effect of Glaco.

Collage of 3 photos showing Soft99 car glass care products. The photos depict a process of preparing, coating and maintaining a glass surface on a car.


Durability 12 mo.
Applications x5 windscreens
Product reference 10310
Contains Fluorine-based water repellent, acid, isopropyl alcohol

How to apply

Make sure the glass surface is dry before application.
1Wash the vehicle thoroughly and prepare the windows with a dedicated product – Glaco Compound Roll On or Compound Z.
2Apply the product on the dry windshield evenly, in criss-cross pattern.
3Wait until white residue appears on the glass.
4Polish the residue with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.
For best durability protect glass from contact with moisture for approx. 12 h after application.

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