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Microfiber Super Cloth
Price €5.67
Max Wash 4Pockets Format Cloth
versatile drying towel
Price €18.60
QJUTSU Ultrasoft Sponge
specialised sponge
Price €11.37
Mouton Master
soft washing glove
Price €37.20
Soft99 Exterior Brush
car detailing brush 24 mm
Price €3.49
Emblem Remover Kit
complex emblem removal set
Price €13.43
Fukupika Wash & Wax Wipes
car body wipes, 12 pcs.
Price €12.40
Fukupika Bugs & Droppings Removal Wipes
wipes for organic elements removal, 8 pcs.
Price €6.81
Fukupika Engine Room Wipes
wipes for engine compartment, 10 pcs.
Price €7.22