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  • Product reference 10333

Iron Terminator
iron and fallout remover, 500 ml


Available in large quantities

Iron Terminator will quickly and effectively deal with metallic deposits

Iron Terminator is one of the strongest yet one of the safest agents of its kind on the market. Irreplaceable during the decontamination process, Iron Terminator will quickly and effectively deal with metallic deposits, brake dust, road film and dirt on your car's rims.

Safe to use on wheels and paintwork

The special formula dissolves all dirt with spectacular bleeding effect! It can also be safely used on paintwork or wheel arches during the decontamination process!


Product reference 10333

How to apply

Remember that the surface to be cleaned must be cool. Apply Iron terminator in a shaded area.
1Shake the bottle and turn the atomiser to the ON position.
2Apply the product on the cleaned surface from a distance of about 10 cm.
3Leave Iron Terminator on for a few minutes. For tougher contamination, use a sponge or soft brush.
4Rinse the cleaned surface thoroughly with water under pressure.
5If necessary, repeat points 1 – 4.

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