• Product reference 02059

Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes
wipes for leather, 7pcs.


Available in large quantities

An instant way to refresh leather surfaces inside your car in form of wipes!

Their special formula removes dirt gently, leaving leather nourished and protected from further degradation. Comes in a handy package, inside of which you'll find 7 wipes, soaked in a cleaning and nourishing emulsion. Thanks to the compact packaging, Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes will fit into even the smallest storage spaces in your car's interior.


Product reference 02059

How to apply

1Wipe the surface of the seat gently with a tissue, wipe with more force only in the case of deep dirt.
2If the wipe becomes dirty, fold it and use the clean side.
3To prevent the wipes from drying out, remember to close the packaging tightly.

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