The times when you simply bought a car shampoo are gone. Today, you have more choice and the opportunity to find the perfect product that meets your specific expectations – not only those related to getting rid of dirt, but also to car care. We offer Japanese car washing shampoos based on various formulas – from low-foaming ones, which boost the wax coating during regular car washing, to shampoos generating rich and dense foam. Their unique quality is that they also providing slipperiness, which makes it easier to work with a glove or a sponge. Have a look at the offer and order a shampoo for your car online.

Neutral Creamy Shampoo
car shampoo, 1000 ml
Price €15.99
Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Dark
car shampoo, 750 ml
Price €15.99
Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Light
car shampoo, 750 ml
Price €15.99
Perfect Foam Shampoo Type S
car shampoo, 30 pcs.
Price €29.99
Perfect Foam Shampoo Type S
car shampoo, 1 pc.
Price €1.39
Classic & Clear Shampoo
car shampoo, 5L
Price €75.92
Kiwami Set Dark: Wax + Shampoo
Price Regular price €42.67 €38.40
Kiwami Set Light: Wax + Shampoo
Price Regular price €42.67 €38.40

Japanese car shampoos - what products can you find at Shop.Soft99?

Our offer includes, among others:

  • Neutral Creamy Car Shampoo – cleans effectively and can be rinsed off easily even when it dries,
  • Perfect Foam Shampoo Type S, 30 pcs. – 30 packets of ultra-concentrated car shampoo – softens the dirt and prepares the vehicle for the main wash,
  • Classic & Clear Shampoo – a classic car shampoo in a 5-litre bottle,
  • Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Dark/Light – low-foaming shampoos with added wax for dark and light paintworks, supplied in 750 ml bottles.

All our car shampoos are described in detail. Enter a specific product and read the composition, properties and tips for washing your car with a Japanese shampoo. The formulas used are a guarantee of effectiveness and safety of washing. As Shop.Soft99 we are the exclusive distributor of the legendary Soft99 brand products for Europe.

Create your own set of products and take advantage of free delivery.

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