• Product reference 04073

Fukupika Glass Cleaning Wipes (Anti-Fog)
anti-fog wipes, 10 pcs.


Available in small quantities

Glass Cleaning Wipes are perfect for use on all glass surfaces!

Glass Cleaning Wipes (Anti-Fog) is a packet of 10 wipes soaked in a compound that cleans and protects the glass from fogging at the same time.

Specialised structure

These wipes have three layers: the outer layer collects the dirt and oil, middle layer absorbs the leftover dirt to prevent scratches, and the third layer is responsible for speeding up the evaporation of water from the glass’ surface. Glass Cleaning Wipes are perfect for use on all glass surfaces found in a car, but also on the hard plastics found in the interior, like the dashboard or the steering wheel.


Product reference 04073

How to apply

1Take out a wipe from the package.
2Rather than rubbing with force, we advice to wipe softly. If there is still any unwanted residues remaining, wipe again until a desired effect is achieved.
3If the wipe becomes dirty, fold it and use the clean side.