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  • Product reference 10308

Glaco Glass Compound Roll On
deep cleaner for glass, 100 ml


Contents: 100 ml


Glaco Glass Compound Roll On – excellent deep cleaner for glass

It is the easiest way to safely remove even the most stubborn deposits from glass. Glass Compound Roll On leaves the glass perfectly clean, clear and ready to bond to any of the Glaco coatings. It's a key step before applying any glass protection, and the perfect solution when old coatings, hard water spots or other deep-seated dirt builds up on the glass.

Photo of Soft99 car care product Glaco Glass Compound Roll On being applied on the front windshield of a car.

Ease of use above all

The felt applicator combined with the product's abrasive formula will allow you to get rid of road film, oily dirt, limescale, water spots, and old coatings. The wide head, which can be removed and washed after use, will help you cover a large area at once, making the job considerably easier.

Photo of a Soft99 car care product Glaco Glass Compound Roll On, with the rectangular felt applicator head being presented.

With Glaco you see more and react faster


Water settles on unprotected glass and distorts the lights. Your visibility is reduced, blurred or it’s gone altogether! The solution? Glaco. How does it work? The invisible coating shapes water into perfectly round droplets and strongly repels them. The rest of the work is done by air which blows the droplets off the glass leaving it clear even in the heaviest downpour.


With Glaco, you can reduce the wear and tear on your windscreen wipers and even drive without them! Fewer wiper cycles not only mean a longer service life, but also less eyestrain, better concentration, and greater driving comfort.

Improve your chances in emergency situations

In an emergency situation on the road, fractions of a second can make the difference between life and limb – for you, your fellow passengers and other road users. The rule of thumb is simple: the better you see, the faster you react.


Stop from 50 km/h


Headlight intensity with and without Glaco coating

Good visibility is not just about clear windows

Did you know that you can also use Glaco technology on your headlights? Glaco Blave repels water and dirt so that the light beam becomes stronger. In our internal tests, a headlight protected by Glaco Blave shined with up to 50 lux more power.


Contains 100 ml
Product reference 10308

How to apply

Do not allow the product to dry completely. If the product gets on any non-glass surface, wipe it off immediately.
1Prepare the glass surface by washing it thoroughly with a pH-neutral shampoo.
2Shake the bottle well.
3Optionally, lightly dampen the surface of the glass to facilitate the work.
4Apply slight pressure on the bottle and move it on glass until the surface no longer repels the product.
5Rinse the compound thoroughly. Use high-pressure water if needed.

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