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  • Product reference KUF

Soft99 Detailing Bag


Available in small quantities

Always have your favourite detailing products at hand!

Soft99 Detailing Bag will easily store even the largest car cosmetics (e.g. a litre bottle of Neutral Creamy Shampoo), allowing for safe transport and storage. Inside you'll find an optional compartment to separate different types of products.

Comfort first!

The bag is made of the highest quality materials. Thanks to its stiffened walls, the bag always keeps its shape. In addition, the Soft99 Detailing Bag is equipped with a long, buckle-fastened strap with adjustable length, which allows you to carry the bag comfortably on your shoulder. The bag has an additional Velcro strap, thanks to which you can fix the bag to the bottom of the boot, which prevents it from shifting while driving. Soft99 logo is embroidered on the front.

Bag size at base: 25 x 25 cm, height: 27 cm. Holds approx. 10-12 products.


Product reference KUF

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