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  • Product reference SWWL

Wash & Wax Set Light


Available in large quantities

Step zero - decontamination!

Wash & Wax Set is a complete car washing & detailing set consisting of 7 complementary products for light coloured paintworks. Thanks to it you'll be able to protect and refresh your car without skipping any of the stages of the decontamination process! Choose Wash & Wax Set and benefit from a huge discount!

Cleaning and decontaminating

Kiwami Shampoo, Smooth Egg Clay Bar, Micro Liquid Compound cleaner and the degreasing Silicone Off will help you in thoroughly cleaning and decontaminating the car. The products have been selected to simplify decontaminating the vehicle while adequately preparing it for wax application.

Car body protection

Kiwami hybrid wax is a combination of great durability with a spectacular visual effect. The synthetic base guarantees effective protection and water repellency, while the addition of natural Carnauba gives the paintwork a glossy look with great colour-deepening effect. The effect of the wax lasts for up to 3 months!

Glass protection

Glaco Q is by far the easiest 2-in-1 product you've ever worked with. In one step it will easily remove greasy stains and dirt from the glass, while simultaneously protecting it with a smooth, water and dirt repellent coating, that will make rain fly off the windshield at speeds as low as 45 km/h.

In addition, the set includes a high quality microfibre which can be used on any surface! This version of the set is dedicated for light paintworks!


The set contains 7 products:

1. Super Cloth – super-absorbent microfiber cloth

2. Glaco Q – hydrophobic coating 75 ml

3. Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Light – shampoo 750 ml

4. Silicone Off – degreasing agent 300 ml
5. Smooth Egg Clay Bar – clay bar 100 g

6. Micro Liquid Compound Set Light – compound cleaner 250 ml

7. Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Wax Light – hybrid wax 200 g


Product reference SWWL