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  • Product reference 00468

Fukupika Wash & Wax Wipes
car body wipes, 12 pcs.


Available in small quantities

Do away with dust and lighter dirt!

Super-effective and universal Fukupika Wash & Wax Wipes adopt a brand new formula that cleans and boosts existing layers of waxes or coatings.

Triple-layered structure easily absorbs dirt!

Great for external vehicle maintenance during stops at petrol stations or during road trips. Triple-layered structure absorbs the dirt, preventing it from scratching the paintwork.


Product reference 00468

How to apply

1Take out a wipe from the package.
2Fold it into a quarter of its original size (a postcard size).
3Rather than rubbing with force, we advice to wipe gently. If there is still any unwanted residues remaining, wipe again until a desired effect is reached.
4For very dirty surfaces, clean off dirt gently at first, refold the wipe and finish with a clean side.
5If the wipe becomes dirty, fold it and use the clean side.
Discard as flammable waste after use.

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