• Product reference 10162

Authentic Premium
hard car wax, 200 g


Durability: 1 months

Applications: x20

Price per application: EUR

Contents: 200 g


Golden can, full of pure Carnauba – this must be Authentic!

One of Soft99's most beloved car waxes, Authentic Premium is based on natural Carnauba wax. As a premium car care product, Authentic was created with two key aspects in mind: pleasant application and a stunningly shiny final effect.

Authentic Premium

Maximum amount of Carnauba

It provides a unique warm effect and excellent hydrophobicity. It's a must-have for anyone who wants to feel the atmosphere of classic detailing and immerse themselves into the old school automotive experience.

Authentic Premium

Complete set that makes application proccess easier

Attached with Authentic Premium wax you will find a handy applicator and a brush to make working in nooks and crannies easier. The wax is packaged in a metal tin for easy storage.

Authentic Premium


Durability 1 mo.
Applications x20
Price per 1 application EUR
Contains 200 g
Product reference 10162



Ease of application




How to apply

Never apply wax in direct sunlight or on hot components.
1Prepare the vehicle by carefully hand washing it with neutral pH shampoo, drying and decontaminating the surface using clay bar, cleaner, or other products of this kind.
2Apply the wax to the white side of the supplied sponge by lightly rubbing it on the wax's surface.
3Spread a thin and even layer of wax on the paintwork, pressing lightly.
4Wait until white residue appears on the paintwork.
5Polish the residue with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.
Use the included multi-tool to remove wax residue from hard-to-reach places such as gasket edges, door handles and emblems.

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