Would you like to take comprehensive care of your car? Start with proper preparation of all elements! In this category you will find everything you need to thoroughly wash your car, clean the paintwork, decontaminate windows, prepare your rims and remove the most stubborn dirt like tar or tree sap.

Kiwami Set Light: Wax + Shampoo
Price Regular price €42.67 €38.40
Kiwami Set Dark: Wax + Shampoo
Price Regular price €42.67 €38.40
Surface Smoother Clay Bar
smoothing clay bar with high abrasiveness, 100 g
Price €12.99
Stain Cleaner
cleaning agent for stubborn dirt, 500 ml
Price €11.99
Smooth Egg Clay Bar
smoothing clay bar with low abrasiveness, 2 pcs, 100 g
Price €12.99
Leather Seat Cleaner
leather cleaning spray, 300 ml
Price €10.99
New Pitch Cleaner
cleaning agent for permanent dirt, 420 ml
Price €14.39
Wash Mist
versatile interior cleaner, 300 ml
Price €10.99
Glass Compound Z
glass preparation agent, 100 ml
Price €12.99
Fukupika Wheel Cleaning Wipes
wipes for rims, 10pcs.
Price €6.59
Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes
wipes for leather, 7pcs.
Price €8.29
Wash Mist 4L + Wash Mist 300 ml
versatile interior cleaner
Price €89.99