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Wash Mist
versatile interior cleaner, 300 ml


Available in large quantities

Everyday interior care with Wash Mist!

An excellent everydar cleaner for car interiors, and beyond. It cleans, disinfects the surface and leaves a neutral finish and a delicate, fresh citrus scent. Easily removes fingerprints from LCD screens and piano-type glossy plastics. Effectively gets rid of the most common germs and bacteria that are usually found in the car – E.Coli or Staphylococcus aureus. Thanks to the handy bottle Wash Mist can accompany you literally anywhere. It fits perfectly in cup holders in your car, and even fits in a purse or a handbag. It's an absolute bestseller in its category and an absolute must have for every car owner! Get Wash Mist now and see how easy it is to keep your environment clean, disinfected and safe. One product, thousands of applications and unmatched effectiveness.

100% safe, even for human skin

The completely safe formula also allows Wash Mist to be used for hand disinfection! A single dose from the atomiser is enough to disinfect hands in 30 seconds, without any sticky feel afterwards. In addition, Wash Mist removes stubborn dirt, greasy stains and neutralises odours.

Soft99 Wash Mist

Recognised in scientific research

Wash Mist has been thoroughly tested by JSDA (Japanese Soap & Detergent Association) for its antibacterial effects, and its effectiveness in terms of virus removal has been confirmed by the Japanese National Institute of Technology and Evaluation (NITE). Wash Mist is also recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Health as an effective measure in the epidemic prevention of SARS-CoV-2.


Product reference 02182

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