• Product reference PZEWCZERW16 + PZEWCZERW24 + PZEWCZERW30

Soft99 Exterior Brushes Set
detailing brushes 16mm, 24mm, 30mm


Available in small quantities

A set of 3 detailing exterior brushes of different sizes to make it easier for you to work in any conditions, on any surface and in any crevice!

The handles are made of durable, profiled plastic allowing for a secure grip. They don't react with cleaning agents and are easy to clean. Soft99 exterior brushes are made of synthetic bristles, so they remain resistant even to the most harsh cleaning agents, providing effectiveness and great performance. The uniform design ensures that you won't confuse them with other brushes. The set includes brushes in 3 sizes:

  • 16 mm – the smallest brush in the set designed for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies or other areas that require high precision.
  • 24 mm – medium size brush, perfect for working in easily accessible areas with complex designs and details, such as roof trims, door recesses, fuel filler compartment, rims etc.
  • 30 mm – the largest brush in the set, perfect for working on large areas such as rims, tyres, wheel arches, front grill, underbody etc.


Product reference PZEWCZERW16 + PZEWCZERW24 + PZEWCZERW30