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  • Product reference 04165

Glaco Deicer
defrosting agent and liquid wiper, 450 ml


Contents: 450 ml


Glaco that will make you fall in love with winter!

Glaco Deicer is a unique product which thaws ice and snow frozen on the surface of the glass and at the same time creates a hydrophobic coating which makes it difficult for the glass to freeze again!

The only de-icing product that doubles as a glass coating!

The product is completely safe for the previously applied Glaco series products - it does not damage or interfere with the existing coating! Another advantage of this preparation is its exceptional versatility - it protects glass surfaces regardless of weather and season. It can also do the job in winter, as it makes it difficult for glass to freeze due to snowfall or frost.


Contains 450 ml
Product reference 04165

How to apply

If there's loose snow, ice or frost, remove it before application.
1Shake the bottle well and turn the nozzle to the position with the spray symbol. You can choose a mist spray or precise application mode.
2Spray it keeping it 15-20 cm away from the glass' surface.
3Turn on the wipers once frost and ice start to melt or polish the glass' surface with a microfiber.

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