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  • Product reference 10309

Glaco Mirror Coat Zero
liquid wiper for mirrors, 40 ml



Ultra-hydrophobic coating for mirrors and on-board cameras that will shock you with the the sheer power of its water repellency!

When parking in the rain, visibility can be significantly impaired and lead to dangerous situations. With Glaco Mirror Coat Zero you can always park safely! The coating ensures that even the smallest drops of rain will be instantly repelled from the surface of the mirrors and on-board cameras, even when the car is stationary!

Make use of the box!

Bend the product cardboard box into a semi-circular shape and place it in the gap between the mirror and its cover. This way, you can easily apply the product only to the surface of the mirror, without the risk of spraying other parts of the car!

Ultrahydrofobicity is here!

Perfectly clean and dirt-free mirrors and reversing cameras mean greater safety during everyday urban driving.


Product reference 10309

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