• Product reference 05060

Anti-Fog Spray
anti-fog agent, 180 ml


Available in small quantities

Do away with foggy windows!

With Anti-Fog Sprayby just spraying and wiping, you will get rid of irritating glass or helmet visor fog.

Also great for motorcyclists and skiers!

Anti-Fog Spray also prevents dust and smoke from sticking to the glass' surface, making visibility better and improving your safety when you drive your car or motorcycle in wet or foggy conditions.


Product reference 05060

How to apply

Anti-Fog Spray can be used only on the inner side of the windows.
1Shake well before use.
2For very dirty windows, clean and dry them by wiping them with a dry towel before application.
3Spray directly onto the surface of the glass or spray the agent onto a dry towel or paper tissue. After the foam disappears, spread evenly over the entire glass surface.
4Wipe the sprayed surface with a dry, clean cloth until it's dry.

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