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  • Product reference 05064

Glass Compound Z
glass preparation agent, 100 ml


Contents: 100 ml


A real spa for your car's windows!

Glass Compound Z was specially designed for cleaning, decontaminating and preparing car windows. It removes greasy road film, stains and remains of old coatings. It's the ideal solution for all those, who want to prepare their car for the autumn or spring. Glass Compound Z's main ingredient are tiny, abrasive particles that gradually penetrate greasy film layers or previous coatings, removing them in the process. Recommended to use especially before application of new glass coatings.

Effortless application!

Each Glass Compound Z is equipped with an applicator sponge, thanks to which you can easily apply the product on the glass surface.


Contains 100 ml
Product reference 05064

How to apply

1Prepare the glass surface by washing it thoroughly with a pH neutral shampoo and drying it with a towel or microfiber.
2Shake the bottle well.
3Apply the liquid onto the gray side of the included sponge applicator and begin polishing the surface.
4Rinse the compound with water after the process is completed.