• Product reference 02181

Fabric Seat Spot Remover
interior cleaning agent for stubborn dirt, 20 ml


Contents: 20 ml

Available in small quantities

Non-invasive removal of stubborn stains!

Special task force reporting for interior cleaning duty! If your fabric upholstery has persistent, hard-to-remove spots or stains that just don't want to go away, it's time for Fabric Spot Remover. It's unique formula dissolves almost every type of unwanted residues fixed in fibers, and an included ultra-absorbent hydrogel PVA sponge effectively absorbs dirt, leaving the surface perfectly clean. Fabric Spot Remover is safe and doesn‘t cause discoloration or damage.


Contains 20 ml
Product reference 02181

How to apply

1Dampen the sponge slightly by dipping the sponge in water and then wringing it out.
2Shake the bottle well and apply around 5 drops of the liquid onto the sponge.
3Press repeatedly onto the stained fabric surface in a fast tapping motion, spiraling around and inwards from the outside of the stain towards the centre until you achieve a satisfying effect.
4Finish the process by wringing the sponge and using the wider side to soak up remaining liquids.

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