• Product reference 09033

Chrome Cleaner
cleaner for chrome parts, 125 ml


Contents: 125 ml

Available in large quantities

Chrome parts on your car have lost their shine?

Chrome Cleaner comes in an easy-to-apply form of emulsion, thanks to which you'll easily put it onto chrome grills, front and rear bumpers, exhaust pipes and other chrome parts of all shapes and sizes. In no time, it will remove oxidation and even the most persistent deposits, restoring original shine and the sought-for chrome mirror effect. Thanks to its safe and non-abrasive formula, Chrome Cleaner remains perfectly safe for the surface.



Contains 125 ml
Product reference 09033

How to apply

1Prepare the chrome parts by carefully hand-washing them with a pH-neutral shampoo.
2Apply a small amount of the product onto a soft and dry microfiber cloth and work it out thoroughly on the part.
3Change sides of the cloth and work the part until you achieve satisfying levels of shine.

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