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Classic & Clear Shampoo
car shampoo, 5L


Contents: 5 l


How to turn routine car washing into a unique experience? The answer is Classic & Clear Shampoo!

Classic & Clear Shampoo (5L) was made for detailing and car wash business operators who are looking to stock up on high-quality, effective and efficient, all-purpose car shampoo. It's also a recommended product for owners of large vehicles, truck drivers and trailer maintenance workers.

The ultimate user-friendly car shampoo that leaves no streaks!

Based on the best-selling Neutral Creamy Shampoo, the Classic & Clear Shampoo will provide you with dense, rich foam with powerful cleaning abilities, thanks to which you'll be able to easily clean even the toughest dirt in no time. When diluting, use 75 ml of shampoo for every 10 liters of water.To every jerry can of Classic & Clear Shampoo we're adding a funnel for easier decanting.


Contains 5 l
Product reference 10336

How to apply

In case you're using a bucket, pour 75 mililitres of shampoo for every 10 litres of water.
1Rinse the car with water to remove dust and dirt.
2Pour the shampoo onto a wet sponge and start washing your car once enough foam has accumulated.
3Rinse the car thoroughly to remove remaining foam.
4Dry the bodywork with an absorbent microfibre towel.

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