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  • Product reference 00177

The King of Gloss Dark
hard car wax, 300 g


Durability: 3 months

Applications: x30

Price per application: 0,78 EUR

Contents: 300 g


Maximise the gloss!

IT'S WAXING TIME! As part of the campaign, you get this wax bundled with 50g of Smooth Egg clay for FREE.

King of Gloss stands out from other waxes with its strong shine!

Protection and great look for up to 3 months

King of Gloss provides great all-around wax experience – smooth glide during application, great hydrophobicity and dirt repellency and a solid 3 months of protection. A must-have on every detailer's list!

Handy applicator included!

The wax, as all Soft99 waxes, comes with dedicated applicator that makes application proccess much easier.


Durability 3 mo.
Applications x30
Price per 1 application 0,78 EUR
Contains 300 g
Product reference 00177



Ease of application




How to apply

To make the application easier, wet the applicator before applying the wax.
1Prepare the vehicle by washing it with a pH-neutral shampoo, drying it; cleaning its surface using a clay bar, cleaner or other product of this kind.
2Apply the wax to the supplied sponge by lightly rubbing it on the wax's surface.
3Spread a thin and even layer of wax on the paintwork, pressing lightly.
4Wait until white residue appears on the paintwork.
5Polish the residue with a clean and dry microfiber cloth.
Never apply wax in direct sunlight or on hot components.

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