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Paint correction Set


Available in small quantities

Planning a paint correction? Do it with Soft99!

Soft99 Polishing Compounds are a complete, 3-step polishing system that you can use to carry out full paint correction of severely damaged paintworks, partial correction using selected steps or to do the increasingly popular one-step correction – a quick, polishing machine-based refresh of the paintwork. Boasting a modern, water-based formula and new generation abrasive particles, these polishing pastes are easy to use, safe for the surface, and their dusting has been limited to allow you to work with more precision. For use with Dual Action or rotary polishing machines, compatible with all types of polishing pads.

The capacity of the polishes is 300 ml, and the pastes themselves provide excellent performance, so you can tackle any challenge, including when working on large SUVs, vans or simply, when you work on multiple projects.

Cutting Compound – polishing paste with the highest abrasiveness allows you to remove the biggest paint defects, also for preparing the paint after the matting stage. Requires further processing steps!

Polishing Compound – polishing paste with medium abrasiveness. Excellent balance between cutting power and finish. Can be used as a stage II paste, after Cutting Compound, or as a one-step paint correction paste. With the right pad and technique, no further stages are required.

Finishing Compound – a finishing paste with low cutting force. Perfect for removing haze and holograms, leaving a perfectly mirror-like finish in the final stage of work.


Product reference 10320 + 10321 + 10322

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