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Glaco DX + Glaco Glass Compound Roll On



Glaco DX & Glaco Compound Roll On – excellent visibility in all conditions

A windscreen that has been thoroughly cleaned and protected with Glaco liquid wiper is not only about cleanliness and easier car washing. Above all, it stands for unobstructed visibility, which translates into road safety and driving comfort, regardless of the conditions. Try our easy-to-use Glaco DX & Glaco Glass Compound Roll On set and go for comfort, safety and visibility. With Glaco you see more and react faster.

Photo of a car's windscreen, half of which was coated with water-repellent Glaco coating (on the right), the other half simply washed. Water behaviour shows visibility-enhancing water repellency of Glaco, with very limited visibility on non-coated half.

Glaco Compound Roll On – deep cleaning for your car’s windows

Glaco Glass Compound Roll On is an incredibly effective glass cleaner that perfectly prepares your car windows for the application of Glaco liquid wipers. You can use it to remove any dirt, streaks, road film or even residues of old coatings from the glass.

Photo of a car's windscreen being deep-cleaned with Soft99's Glaco Compound Roll On glass cleaner. The product removes all dirt, waterspots, residue, including deep-seated dirt that accumulates on the car's windscreen after prolonged periods of use.

Glaco DX – state-of-the-art glass coating technology

Since its debut in 2022, Glaco DX has won the favour of hundreds of thousands of car owners across Europe. This latest Japanese coating makes the glass extremely slippery, so that rain or dirt slides off the glass as you drive. Thanks to it, you don't have to use the windscreen wipers as often and the sight of obstructive drops and sheets of water will be a thing of the past.

Photo of a car's windscreen being coated with Soft99's Glaco DX glass coating. The product's bottle with integrated felt applicator glides smoothly on the glass surface.


Product reference 04957 + 10308