• Product reference 10335

Luxury Leather
rejuvenating agent for leather and plastics, 500 ml


Available in large quantities

Complex leather agent

An excellent product for comprehensive care of leather and synthetic leather upholstery, as well as leather and plastic interior elements. Luxury Leather easily removes everyday dirt and moisturises leather surfaces, protecting them from drying and cracking.

Versatile use

It’s also the perfect product for effortless refreshment of plastic, vinyl or synthetic leather surfaces. It will intensifying faded colours and highlight the original texture, bringing back the leather's fresh, natural look and original gloss, without stickiness or excessive moisture.


Product reference 10335

How to apply

1Apply a small amount directly onto the leather surface. In case of perforated or ventilated leather, apply the product onto a microfiber cloth and then spread the agent on the surface.
2Wipe the surface several times in order to remove dirt and evenly spread the agent.
3Wait approximately 20 minutes for the surface to absorb the agent.