Soft99 is a legendary Japanese brand of car care products present on the market for over 65 years. Over the decades, the company has designed solutions that meet not only the current needs, but also respond to the challenges of tomorrow, setting trends in the world of detailing and vehicle care.



Years of experience, perfect Japanese technology and a precise vision of the future, allowed to create such recognizable and cult product lines as Fusso Coat waxes or Glaco invisible wipers. Technological excellence in the field of professional quartz coatings has been developed at Soft99 for nearly 20 years. The experience has allowed us to build such a strong, global brand for professionals as G'zox, and to introduce QJUTSU, a comprehensive line of quartz coatings. Soft99 products are appreciated by hobbyists, enthusiasts and professionals all over the world. Listening to the voices of our customers, we have always created solutions that were the answer to the needs of tomorrow.



Perfectionism, transparency and responsibility are the pillars of Soft99 brand and the foundations of its strategy. The verification of quality is permanently inscribed in the process of product design so that the solutions delivered to customers are always perfectly tailored, technologically perfect and thoroughly tested. Soft99 operating on the Japanese market is subject to one of the strictest regulations in the world. The Japan Industrial Standard Committee, a government organisation established for the purpose of implementing and enforcing regulations on chemical products, is a guardian of industrial quality, setting strict standards and methods of their verification.



Before a Soft99 product hits the market, it goes through a set of extremely detailed and complex tests. JISC examines such aspects as the declared durability, resistance to external factors, properties in extreme conditions, and synergy of the product with its packaging. All this is done to make sure that the product delivered to the customer is completely safe, meets the most restrictive standards and complies with its declared properties.