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  • Product reference FBL

Fukubukuro Light: Soft99 Lucky Bag

Bag's Colour :

Available in small quantities

Fukubukuro, a Japanese surprise!

Fukuburo, freely translated as "lucky bag", is a mysterious set of products delivered in a unique packaging. For the Japanese, it's one of the elements of celebrating the New Year, and now you can join in the fun too! Fukubukuro from Soft99 is a random set of products specially selected by our team of detailers. Referring directly to the Japanese name, we have put them in a practical, branded bag.

A great gift idea!

We have created the set so that its contents would appeal to both beginners, hobbyists and true detailing freaks. Fukubukuro will be perfect as a gift for either her or him, but it can also be a surprise for yourself! Choose our surprise gift and feel the Japanese gift-giving magic!


Product reference FBL