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  • Product reference SPDK

Premium Dark Set + Soft99 Detailing Bag



Complete car care process!

Premium Set Dark is a set of car washing & detailing products for all users who want to take care of every detail in their car and need uncompromising look and durability. The products included in the Premium Set allow for a complete car care process. Start with a pre-wash or a hand wash with Neutral Creamy Shampoo. Deep clean the paintwork with a Smooth Egg clay bar and a Compound cleaner for a smooth, scratch-free body.

Iron Terminator and Tire Black Wax will bring your rims and tyres back to showroom condition, while a dedicated Glaco Glass Compound cleaner and Ultra Glaco invisible wiper will work wonders on all glass surfaces.

A year-round protection

Finally, protect the paintwork with the legendary Fusso Coat 12 Months wax for a year-round protection and water repellency. To boost the shine and protect the paintwork even further, a dedicated quick detailer from the Fusso family is included, in the name of Fusso Speed & Barrier.

Always have your car cosmetics close at hand!

The set is shipped with a high quality Soft99 Detailing Bag, which can easily store all the necessary items in the car and keep them in order. It's an indispensable accessory if you want to always have your car cosmetics close at hand, e.g. at a car wash or on a road trip. It has an adjustable inner compartment and a strip of Velcro on the bottom, which keep it from sliding in the boot while you drive.

This version of the set is dedicated for dark paintworks!

The set contains 10 products:
1. Super Cloth – super-absorbent microfiber cloth
2. Glaco Glass Compound Roll On – compound cleaner for glass, 100 ml
3. Ultra Glaco – hydrophobic coating, 70 ml
4. Neutral Creamy Shampoo – shampoo, 1000 ml
5. Smooth Egg Clay Bar – clay bar, 100 g
6. Micro Liquid Compound Set Dark – compound cleaner, 250 ml
7. Fusso Coat Speed & Barrier – quick detailer, 400 ml
8. Fusso Coat 12 Months Wax Dark – Fusso-technology wax, 200 g
9. Iron terminator – wheel cleaning agent, 500 ml
10. Tyre Black Wax – wax for tyres, 170g


Product reference SPDK

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