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  • Product reference SBWK

Basic White Set + Soft99 Detailing Bag


Available in small quantities

Start your adventure with detailing!

A great starter kit for every Soft99 car cosmetics fan! Dedicated to cars with white and light coloured paintworks. White Soft99 Wax comes in a form of a soft paste, which effectively helps in getting rid of smaller scratches and impurities, restoring the sleek white look of the car. With a 350 g can you can forget about having to re-stock often.

Bring back the white gloss!

Luxury Gloss is a revolutionary quick detailer in form of liquid wax, which will help you achieve deep gloss, great colour depth and perfect smoothness.

Kiwami – the unique shampoo with wax!

Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" shampoo's low-foaming formula with very high wax content will allow you to wash your car and give it an extraordinary shine, all in one step. Irreplaceable during the decontamination process, Iron Terminator will quickly and effectively deal with metallic deposits, brake dust, road film and dirt on your car's rims.

Wash and protect!

Surface Smoother Mini will make your car's paintwork perfectly smooth, free from metallic residues, road dirt, tree sap and more. All of these products can be easily spread and buffed up with a high quality Super Cloth microfiber, also included in the set.

Basic White Set with Soft99 Detailing Bag contains 7 products:

  1. White Soft99 Wax – car wax, 350 g
  2. Microfiber Super Cloth – high quality microfiber cloth
  3. Surface Smoother Mini – detailing clay bar, 100 g
  4. Luxury Gloss – quick detailer, 400 ml
  5. Extreme Gloss "The Kiwami" Shampoo Light – car shampoo with wax, 750 ml
  6. Iron Terminator – iron deposits remover, 500 ml
  7. Soft99 Detailing Bag – large detailing bag


Product reference SBWK