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Fabric Set



Easy way to achieve clean and fresh fabric upholstery!

Fabric Set consists of 5 excellent quality products, which become invaluable during both thorough interior cleaning and regular, quick cleaning. The best-selling Wash Mist cleans and disinfects surfaces giving a nice, citrusy scent. With the included brush, New Fabric Seat Cleaner is the way to go for stubborn stains.

Forget about food stains!

The absolute must-have is the Fusso-based Cloth Barrier fabric upholstery coating. Its fluoropolymers easily repel water, coffee, tea, soft drinks or even thick sauces! Simply wipe off the dirt and you're done!

Fabric Set contains 5 products:

  1. Microfiber Cloth or G'zox Microfiber
  2. Fukupika Dashboard Cleaning Cloth – chusteczki do pielęgnacji kokpitu, 7 szt.
  3. New Fabric Seat Cleaner – środek do czyszczenia tkanin, 400 ml
  4. Cloth Barrier Fabric Seat Coat – hydrofobowa powłoka na tapicerkę materiałową, 170 ml
  5. Wash Mist – wszechstronny środek do czyszczenia wnętrz, 300 ml


Product reference FK

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