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  • Product reference 02069

Leather Fine Cleaner & Conditioner
leather conditioner, 100 ml


Contents: 100 ml


Beautiful leather interior at your fingertips!

Leather Fine Cleaner & Conditioner is a strong, nourishing leather emulsion that will help you take care of, maintain and keep leather surfaces in your car's interior in perfect condition. Protects from effects of aging and external damage.

Natural Carnauba at your service!

Leather Fine's formula, rich in natural Carnauba, sea collagen and Lipidure®, moisturizes the leather, makes it flexible and leaves a breathable layer that protects against harmful factors, restoring leather's natural color. Leather Fine contains anti-slip additives, which make the leather pleasant to use, even on parts like steering wheel.


Contains 100 ml
Product reference 02069

How to apply

1Shake the bottle well
2Apply the emulsion onto the included cloth and spread it on the leather surface evenly.
3Wipe it off with a clean side of the included cloth.

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