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  • Product reference 00510

Smooth Egg Liquid
quick detailer, 250 ml


Contents: 250 ml


Universal quick detailer

Smooth Egg Liquid a quick detailer that will help you easily take care of the car's paintwork that's protected with a professional coating. Smooth Egg Liquid can be used both after and in between hand washing to safely remove light dirt, dust and fingerprints.

Designed for professionally coated paintwork, it will keep you clean and protected in all situations

Thanks to a special formula, it's completely safe for all types of coatings, nourishes them, gives them incredible smoothness and strengthens the hydrophobic effect and shine. During application it evaporates instantly, leaving no streaks. It can also be used on other surfaces, such as plastics, chrome, and even plastics inside the car!


Contains 250 ml
Product reference 00510

How to apply

Remove dirt and hand wash the car thoroughly using a neutral pH car shampoo, e.g. Soft99 Neutral Creamy Shampoo.
1Make sure the car's paintwork is clean, and that there's no heavy dirt on the car's surface.
2Spray the quick detailer onto a wet car's body. Can also be used on a dry car.
3Fold the attached microfiber and wipe the paintwork.

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