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  • Product reference 00532

Hydro Gloss Water Repellent
soft car wax, 150 g


Lowest Price: €32.61

Durability: 3 months

Applications: x15

Price per application: EUR

Contents: 150 g

Available in large quantities

Water-based innovation in car care!

Hydro Gloss is an innovative water-based car wax designed for professional protective coatings and fans of the most eco-friendly solutions! Thanks to our R&D team's efforts, we've been able to replace typical car wax solvents with water! Thanks to this, Hydro Gloss is completely safe for coatings and much less environmentally taxing to manufacture.

Hydro Gloss Water Repelent

Top-coat or maintenance wax with spectacular hydrophobicity

Hydro Gloss can be used for regular coating maintenance: it improves hydrophobicity and visual properties, or as a top-coat for anyone who simply likes to wax. Used as an independent product, it's a very pleasant wax to work with, that gives excellent visual effects.

Hydro Gloss Water Repelent

High quality microfibre included!

Hydro Gloss Water Repellent comes in a practical metal tin that can be sealed any time for easy storage. In addition, the tin contains a high quality microfibre cloth, with which you can easily apply the wax.

Hydro Gloss


Durability 3 mo.
Applications x15
Price per 1 application EUR
Contains 150 g
Product reference 00532



Ease of application




How to apply

Polish the wax into the paintwork, do not wait for the wax to harden.
1Prepare your car by carefully hand-washing with neutral pH shampoo, drying and decontaminating the surface using clay bar, cleaner, or other products of this kind.
2Get a small amount of the product on the included microfiber by applying gentle pressure to the surface of the wax and moving the microfiber in a can.
3Rub the wax onto the paintwork's surface and keep buffing it until you achieve the desired effect. The wax does not require drying or further polishing.

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