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  • Product reference SM

Medium Set



No need to worry about the compatibility of products!

The Medium Set was created for all those who want to take comprehensive care of their car without worrying about the compatibility of products. The set has been designed to let you wash your car with a pH-neutral shampoo, clean the rims from all dirt and metallic residues, thoroughly clean the paintwork with the use of clay bar, and then protect it with the fully synthetic Fusso Coat F7 liquid wax.

Take care of the entire car in just a few steps!

In addition, the set includes two products from the Glaco family: Glass Compound for glass cleaning and degreasing, and Glaco Roll On MAX, a durable hydrophobic coating.

Maintenance made easy!

To maintain the shine and boost the protection of the paintwork, the package includes a best-selling Soft99 quick detailer Luxury Gloss, recommended to be used after every wash.

Medium Set contains 8 products:
1. Super Cloth – super-absorbent microfiber cloth
2. Glaco Glass Compound Roll On – glass compound cleaner 100 ml
3. Glaco Roll On MAX – hydrophobic coating for glass 300 ml
4. Neutral Shampoo Creamy – shampoo 1000 ml
5. Fusso Coat F7 All Colours – liquid wax 300 ml
6. Smooth Egg Clay Bar – clay bar 100 g
7. Luxury Gloss – quick detailer 500 ml
8. Iron Terminator – wheel cleaning agent 500 ml


Product reference SM

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