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Leather Set



Easily rejuvenate your car's leather interior!

The Leather Kit consists of 6 top-quality products which will easily deal with even the most faded leather upholstery elements. The excellent Luxury Leather cleans and restores in one move – vivid colour and elasticity of leather guaranteed!

Bring the leather its colour and elasticity back!

For everyday use, Leather Seat Cleaner will be invaluable! It's a spray foam that nourishes but does not soak the leather in liquid, making it great for quick cleaning sessions and daily maintenance by eliminating the need to let leather dry.

Leather Kit contains 6 products:

  1. Microfiber Super Cloth or G'zox Microfiber
  2. Leather Seat Cleaner – spray leather cleaner, 300 ml
  3. Leather Seat Cleaning Wipes – wipes for cleaning leather elements, 7 pcs.
  4. Luxury Leather – leather & plastic cleaning and rejuvenating agent, 500 ml
  5. Fukupika Dashboard Cleaning Cloth – versatile interior cleaning wipes, 7 pcs.
  6. Wash Mist – versatile interior cleaner, 300 ml


Product reference LK

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